Time Poem

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Nancy Lee Destiny, December 2, 2011.

Time Stands Still:

A yawn & a sigh

as I lie awake thinking

Oh my dear

if only my ear could not hear

Oh my eyes

if only I could close them

My mind I wish were less

traveled today for goodness sake

Time stands still

when the next moment

means getting closer to you

The ticking of my heart

can be heard

as time passes slowly

Like a windsock

with no wind I am

without air blowing thru me

My face is long and dragging

I am missing you

The whispers in the night

are of memories

The echoes in my mind

are of days gone by

Spoken words replayed

in my heart

The soul energized by all.

Final Thoughts:

Poetry can change a person and the world.
Take care, Love to All & Spread the Peace, N~

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