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Nancy Lee Destiny, December 2, 2011.

An American Japanese form of poetry;

Nancy's Newest Creation:

TaKu Poetry:

I love Japanese poetry forms & decided to create my own. I took two of my favorite forms Haiku & Tanka, creating something similar, yet unique.I kept in mind the ancient traditional Japanese short, sweet, & simple....yet very powerful poetry !

Ta-Ku, is a 2 line poem, the 1st line consisting of 10 syllables, the 2nd line consisting of 8 syllables. However, the first line's introduction must be in contrast/opposite the 2nd line's delivery, while both lines visualize as a whole.

Example 1 TaKu: Thinking:

All is quiet, silence is deafening,
Yet my mind speaks loudly inside !

(something is going on as a whole)

Example 2 TaKu: Winter:

Winter has arrived, the chill can be felt,
My skin is numb feeling nothing !

(feelling the chill)
(but now numb because of it)
(perhaps frostbite)

Final Thoughts:

Poetry can change a person and the world.
Take care, Love to All & Spread the Peace, N~

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