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Nancy Lee Destiny

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Readers & Vision:

After four years of college, I have figured out what I want to do with my journalism degree? I don't want to be a big fish in a big sea.

Interviewing Presidents and Prime Ministers is not my bag. Being a political commentator in the game of who is the Global Leader today is not what stirs my passions. Lifetime achievement awards are not my goal, making a small difference to everyday people in my community is.


Stories about the girl next door who is in need of a heart transplant make me want to pick up my pen and write. Covering the story about the rapist who moved into your neighborhood interests me so you can protect your children and yourself. Capturing photographs of people in my community excites me because so many of your stories are expressed in your pain and love through my lens.

There's nothing more that I love than getting to know the people in my community and listening to their stories. Writing their story in my unique and gripping way is so rewarding. I feel an immense elation and comfort when my readers take pleasure in what I write for them.

Simply put, my passion is for the paper down the street, the people around the corner, and working for both of them. It is the people who remember you and move you to make a difference. I ache to be part of that. I want to be remembered for making a difference, not with big fancy words, nor for things that do not directly touch your life. My goal in journalism is to be a small fish, in a small pond, writing about what matters to you, my neighbor, living in and loving our small community together. I will build my legacy with emotions, one page at a time~

Hard work & Trends:

My experience is as a newspaper reporter for a weekly and daily, for two years and a newspaper columnist for 5 years, as well as technical writing and desktop publishing. Tools of the trade I am familiar with are: Adobe Bridge, Dream Weaver, Fireworks, Flash, InDesign, Photoshop, PS Lightroom 3, Acrobat X Pro, Sony Vegas 1 Pro, Audacity 1.3, Microsoft Office, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, digital photography, computer software/hardware specialist/network administrator, Windows and Mac. This makes me an ideal candidate for any work environment.

My diverse skillset includes being a newspaper columnist from 1996 to 2001, newspaper reporter for a weekly, daily, from 2009 to present, in addition to audio/video editing & production and computer software/hardware specialist/network administrator. As a recent college graduate who made the Dean's list, I can identify with recent news trends, deadlines and hard work.


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Journalism to me means having a voice to bring forth knowledge to people who crave it and I wish to make that difference in people's lives, professionally. Flexibility is key to success, but the love of the job is what readers identify with, when it shines through on the printed page in the story. I can bring this to you from anywhere, as I am willing to relocate.

Final Thoughts:

Not just any job will do for me. A job that satisfies the readers thirst for thought provoking, well written stories and makes use of my unique writing ability is a win-win situation. Take care, Love to All & Spread the Peace, N~

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