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Museum, Photo By freelance photographer NLDestiny

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Hello. I love writing stories that matter. So, on each 8th of the month I will be writing a story that makes you think about the world we live in. I will cover Upstate New York, Vermont, Montreal & nearby places. Topics will be like the colours of the rainbow, many and eye opening. People will be interviewed, photos will be taken.

My hope is that my passion also comes through in my writing and photography to present a visual tapestry for my readers minds to soak in, like a breathtaking day at the beach. Hense the name Passion Press, monthly because that is all I have time for at the moment. I hope you enjoy.


The North Countrys Pathway to Freedom for Enslaved People

A Network of Fugitives Escape to Canada

By freelance writer Nancy Lee Destiny

In 1788, Zephaniah Platt founded the North County city of Plattsburgh. While this is a well known historical fact, what was less known was that Platt was an owner of several enslaved people. This little known story of slavery is now told through photographs, exhibits, and artifacts at the recently inaugurated North-Country-Underground-Railroad-Museum, in Ausable Chasm, N.Y.

One such exhibit explores a list of enslaved people and owners such as Platt and his brother Nathaniel who owned a slave named Diah. Also on the list, William Gilliland, of Willsboro, N.Y. owned an enslaved person named Ireland.

Most enslaved people were given only one name, Don Papson, North Country Underground Railroad Historical Association President, says. They were considered commodities just like a cow or a horse.

Many enslaved peoples bare feet tramped on the road that the historic building stands on. The road is one of the routes going through the Adirondack Mountains, crossing the St. Lawrence River, to reach freedom into Ontario, Canada as refugees. Slavery was outlawed in Canada in 1850 and they would be free there, according to Papson. Both Ireland and Diah managed to escape to Quebec. Ireland in 1771 and Diah in 1794.



LS Candy, Photo By freelance photographer NLDestiny

The candy lady at Lakeshore Candy, is mixing it with love and crab cakes.

Whos your candy man?

By freelance writer Nancy Lee Destiny

Whos your candy man now? Shes a Candy lady. She mixes it with love, almost like in the Sammy Davis Jr., 1972 hit song, The Candyman. The lyrics tell of a candy man mixing his treats with love and making the world taste good.

Instead of mixing the candy with love and making the world taste good, Ann Sweeney of Lakeshore-Candy, in Plattsburgh, N.Y., mixes the candy with love and makes crab cakes. The innovative concoction recipe came from her mind one day, Crab Cake chocolates. The chocolates are made of cashews, pecans, caramel and are a huge money maker for her candy business she and her ex-husband, Bob Sweeney, own together.

Although innovation does not always work out as planned in the candy business, Ann explains. Recently I tried a toasted coconut, craisin and almond candy recipe out on family members who thought I was losing my mind. I didnt make any more of them.

The great thing is, you can make a small batch and if it doesnt work out well, Ann says, its back to the drawing board. Ann says she mixes the recipes up in her mind and goes from there.

Ann says she hands out samples of the new candy concoctions at the bank, to customers when they walk in the store, and she tests new recipes on her family and friends. People sample her ideas, and everyone has fun doing it, she says. FULL-STORY-The-candy-lady-at-Lakeshore-Candy,-is-mixing-it-with-love-and-crab-cakes-CLICK-ME


Llamas In The City

Llamas help improve peoples health in Plattsburgh, NY.

By freelance writer Nancy Lee Destiny
llama hugs

Llama Hugs, Photo By freelance photographer NLDestiny

What in the world are llamas doing in the city of Plattsburgh? Hugs and Kisses, two male guard llamas, have been living on the Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital grounds since 2006.

Registered with the International Llama Registry, Hugs and Kisses are a special part of the zoo at CVPH. The zoo began in 1979 and first featured Asian deer, peacocks, and donkeys, but it later expanded to include Mute Swans, goats, and geese. A Blue Heron, seagulls, ducks, and catfish are the latest additions to the unique zoo.

William H. Miner, a local businessman, became rich after having an invention patented. In 1926, he purchased the land where CVPH now stands. Using the land as his residence, Miner planted a forest of hundreds of spruce trees, American elms, and Golden and River Willows.

Legend has it that one evening while having dinner, Miners wife suggested building a hospital on the land. The idea for a petting zoo came later, and the community has been enjoying their furry friends ever since.



Come back soon.

By freelance writer Nancy Lee Destiny
Florida Palm

Florida Palm, Photo By freelance photographer NLDestiny

What in the world is going on in Florida? You'll see in September with a new story. Come back mid September to read all about it.

Final Thoughts:

Stories that touch lives. Take care, Love to All & Spread the Peace, N~

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