Friendship Poem

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Nancy Lee Destiny, December 2, 2011.

Reflections Cast Upon The Waters:

Reflections cast upon the waters of a day gone by,

Sunrise is high as I look to the sky.

Wind is in my hair,

I close my eyes though I am already there.

A hot summer June day, we found our way,

Together we cast our bodies on the ground to lay.

The smell and feel of your sweat as I wiped it away,

As you lie in my arms with nothing to say.

At peace you were,

The warmth I felt,

Not of the sun but of the heart you melt,

And the passion you stir.

Gazed into our eyes so we did,

Nothing need said yet a wish was bid.

Today we shall remember for all of time,

The peace we share,

Passion in the air,

The caress of mine,

Run thru your hair,

Our eyes as we stare,

Just being, you and I, without a care.

Skipping stones across the water,

Simple as it seem,

Yet our faces did so gleam,

Both of the woodman, and of the colporteur.

The foundation we share is the friendship we hold,

Worth more than love, worth more than gold.

My beau for it always care, treat it well,

For in two hearts it will then forever dwell.

If I were given the gift to choose a last breath,

I would choose our day to replay and be my death.

I pray for peace, happiness, on such a day to possess,

To my beau, my bes, I do so confess.

I bid you my wish, I bid you my farewell,

Until I cast my mind again to replay sweet memories of our day~

Final Thoughts:

Poetry can change a person and the world.
Take care, Love to All & Spread the Peace, N~

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